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concerts with live video services


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Kam Edits Makes Your Video Production Easy!

For over 20 years we have been providing live video services for our valued clients by specializing in Live Streaming, I-mag (Image Magnification), and multi-camera live events, but yes, we can do anything you want, really!

We are centrally located in the Southern California Inland Empire and are no farther than 2 hours from L.A., San Diego, or Palm Springs (subject to traffic, of course). As such, we can get to those hard to reach places for a reasonable price.


Live Video Services

Live streaming graduation as part of our live video services

Live Streaming

When it’s physically not possible, for one reason or another, for everyone to make it to your event, we can take your event to them by using the perpetually improving technology of Live Stream. What’s more is that we take all of the difficulties out of the equation to make your Live Stream production as easy for you as it can be! We do the following to ensure a solid production:

  • Location and internet check prior to production
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Zoom


Live Video Assist or Image Magnification (I-mag) as part of our live video services

Image Magnification (I-mag)

When you go to a large event, such as a concert or graduation, you may find yourself looking at the big screens for a better view of what’s happening on stage. Someone has to put the video there. That’s us! Kam Edits can do Image Magnification in almost every circumstance you can imagine. Whether you need one camera, or more than one to support your vision, we can help!

  • Single or Multi-camera setup
  • Live Video Mixer
  • Full HD
  • Projection Screens
  • LED Walls


Our Director in our Multi-Camera control room as part of our Live Video Service

Multi-Camera Live

This is the type of video production we cut our teeth on over 20 years ago! With this technique we can record multiple camera views to one program. That means you don’t have to wait six to eight weeks for a final edited product – we record and live video edit your event right on location. Of course, we can do any extra editing afterwards if there is something else you need to add in!

  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Live Drone Shots
  • B-roll video
  • Titles
  • Splash Screens


If you need something smaller…

Single Camera Productions

Yes, we can also help you with any other type of video project you might have in mind. We’re happy to help you make your vision a reality! Some of our client requests have included:

  • Funerals
  • Concerts
  • Demo reels
  • Family history recording
  • Plays
  • Educational Speakers


Follow these three easy steps to make your next Live Video Event perfect!

Step 1
Contact Us

Contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss and outline your event’s needs, goals, and desired outcome.

Call 951-442-5677

Step 2
Pre-Event Inspection

We’ll do a pre-event, on location walk through and internet check, if applicable, to verify and evaluate what’s needed to make your production successful.

Step 3
Enjoy Your Event!

All you have to do is relax and enjoy your event because we’ll setup in ample time prior to your event starting, checking all of our equipment, cables and internet connections!


About Kam Edits

Kam Edits has been producing quality video in the Inland Empire for over 20 years!

Hi, I’m Kam! My wife, Renee, and I are the owners of Kam Edits. I graduated from BYU-Hawaii in 1998 with a degree in Pacific Island Studies, but hadn’t found a career I could settle into. We came back home to the mainland U.S. and literally traveled coast to coast trying to find . . . (read more)

something that I would actually want to work at for most of the rest of my life. After completing our search and landing back in CA’s Inland Empire, where Renee is from, she encouraged me to attend San Bernardino Valley College’s (SBVC) Radio/Television Broadcast program. There I found my second love!


At SBVC, I discovered that doing multi-camera live was where I wanted to be! I worked at KVCR, the local PBS station, as much as I possibly could. I didn’t care if they paid me, or not, I just wanted to do more live production. As a first semester student I volunteered to be a technical director – the guy that pushes the buttons and changes the camera scene on live TV. Al Gondoz, one of my good friends and mentors, was nervous about letting me take the reigns, but he took me under his wing and helped me through that first night. That experience was so awesome that I knew it’s what I wanted to continue doing in life!

In the year 2000, I completed my professional certificate in Television Broadcast at SBVC. For my final project, I, and Dany Schimpf, a close friend I made in the program, did our first multi-camera live to I-mag (Image Magnification) graduation. We pulled a crew together from current students, we gathered all of the equipment, and we made that year’s first ever SBVC graduation video happen! We have been video producing graduations together ever since.


That was also the same year I began Kam Edits. While I worked full-time on growing my little business, I started recording plays at the Yucaipa Little Theater using several Sony handy cameras and a small video mixer. For me, it was a lot of fun, but Renee was more concerned about our young family needing to eat! In my search for more work, Dany was there again to help. He was working for KBLM-TV, a small TV station in Riverside, CA, and hired me on crew. As part of my job there I was in charge of the team that explored and developed a live streaming strategy for television stations. We were on the cutting edge of technology, just not as quick to market as another streamer company: YouTube. I worked at KBLM for a few years and was still able to do some independent video work on the side, but my biggest leap forward was when I was invited back to SBVC as an instructor in their live TV program.

Teaching at SBVC

Diane Dusick, my friend, professor, and department chair, was instrumental in getting me where I am today. She encouraged me as a student, mentored me as a professional, and guided me as an instructor. I taught several different classes in the RTVF program, but the studio production classes were always my favorite.

I taught for 12 years at SBVC in the KVCR studio overseeing countless multi-camera live studio and on-location productions. I was also instrumental in helping SBVC restart their producing multi-camera graduation videos, not to VHS like the old days, but live stream! This was right down my alley.

Focusing on Kam Edits

During those years instructing at SBVC I met some great people and hired many to work with me in Kam Edits doing other private client productions. I was consistently evolving Kam Edits to make it better, upgrading everything – cameras, video mixers, monitors, live streamers – to keep up to date with technology and improve the quality of our productions while keeping our production costs reasonable for the Inland Empire.

I also branched out to teaching video production skills to students in the community at charter schools and private groups. I did this to share my combined skills for teaching and video production in hopes that I could help inspire the younger generations interested in this field to be able to gain some competence and confidence in this skill set, maybe to pursue production dreams of their own one day.

Live Video Services

Kam Edits as a live video service company has been a work in progress for the past 20 years. Every production is an opportunity for us to stay actively learning and improving, bringing forth our best service to our clients, and I believe that is what makes us a great company to work with. Thank you for considering our services for your next event!


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