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“Redlands Light The Way” Christmas Parade presented by the Redlands Noon Kiwanis Club will be broadcast live on December 3, 2016 at 6pm here at (in HD) as well as on Redlands TV.

The Redlands Christmas Parade will feature many floats, performances, bands and community leaders as they wind their way through the heart of Redlands. Check out the parade map below.

Enjoy watching the parade from the warmth and comfort of your home or come down and cheer as your friends and family parade by.

If you would like a copy of this parade please contact Cheryl Williams at 909-335-4736.

where to buy proscar in malaysia

This event was sponsored by:

Inland Empire 66ers Baseball Club of San Bernardino
Redlands Daily Facts
The Sun
Krikorian Premier Theatres
Alta Vista Credit Union
City of Redlands
Redlands Community Hospital
Oscar’s Mexican Restaurant
Sunstate Equipment Company
Redlands Community Bank
Burgeson’s Heating and Air Conditioning
Redlands Jewelers
The Tartan Restaurant of Redlands
Redlands Blueprint & Commercial Printing Co.

And Friends of the Parade are:

Baker’s Drive-In
Beaver Medical Group
Tire Guys-Goodyear
Patio Barber
Redlands Jeweler’s
Jean Showalter State Farm Ins. Co.