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Multi-Camera Productions

where to buy proscar in malaysiaWhat is a Multi-Camera Production? That is easy to explain. It is a video production that uses more than one camera. All of the “Live” TV shows are Multi-Camera Productions such as “American Idol”.

Many of the movies we watch are Single Camera productions that are edited together to look like multiple cameras to tell the story. Sometimes they will use Multi-Cameras especially when doing action scenes or blowing things up. This happens when things are hard to replicate or too expensive to duplicate (blowing up an Ferrari).

For KamEdits, Multi-Camera productions can be anything from dance performances to plays. One of our favorite multi-camera productions is for the “All American Youth Circus.” Here are a few short cuts from 2014.

In this video you will notice that we cut between multiple cameras and we split screen several of the cameras shots on the screen. If you have any questions about your production call us so we can help you.

If you would like to attend the Circus check them out buy proscar in ireland.

Funeral Video Services

Funeral Video Services

We work with many of the funeral homes around the community to video tape services for their customers. We can even live stream for those that would like to be at the services but can’t because of expense, or distance. Prices range from $500 to $1000 per service depending on the number of viewers and is only eligible in areas that have cell service.

We do everything for our client except send out invitations. To see a full funeral page click here.

Here is an example of a service we recently did in Sun City.

Live streaming video by KamEdits


Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Productions

Corporate Video Production comes in so many shapes and sizes. We at KamEdits can fit into many types of boxes. You name it, we get it!


Anita Vaira Funeral

Live streaming video by KamEdits

Anita Vaira was born On February 15, 1939.
She attended Polk Strret School and St. Thomas, Nassau County NY graduating in 1953
She attended Sewanakah High School, Nassau County, NY graduating in 1957
She had a BS degree in Education from New York State Teachers College in Cortland NY
and a MS from Adelphi in Nassau County

We met on February 9, 1963 after being introduced by a computer dating service run by a team of husband-wife psycologists. We actually had 2 blind dates. During our initial phone conversation, she mentioned she liked folk music. When I heard on February 7 that the Kingston Trio was appearing at my old college on February 15, which she had mentioned was her birthday, I made a second date immediately, before we actually saw each other. At the date on the 9th, she mentioned she was going skiing in on George Washington’s Birthday. I asked if I could tag along, thus making the third date.

When I got home my mother asked how it went and I said “ring a ding ding”. I was cooked and ready to serve. It took considerably longer to say the same about Anita. She once said during the summer that “we could never mean anything to each other” but persistence paid off.

We were engaged on October 5 amid over 15 hours of buying a ring, taking a lovers’ ride through Central Park, lunch at Brass Rail, a movie at Radio City, Dinner at Top of the Sixes, ring showing to parents and friends, liquid refreshment at a favorite spot, and some private time alongside the Southern State Parkway. We actually spent more time getting engaged than getting married.

We were married on July 19, 1964 and honeymooned in Mexico City.

After we thought conception impossible and started adoption proceedings with the New York Archdiocese, God smiled upon us and sent us our fine son Edward on October 30, 1969.

We moved into our own home surburban Rockland County, NY in 1968, to Colorado Springs in 1994, San Bernardino County in 2002, and Sun City in 2010.

We have been blessed with two find grandchildren, Brian in 1994 and Katie in 1998.

My career produced enough extra money to travel extensively: east to Europe in 1994, south as far as Mexico in 1979, west as far as Hawaii in 2008 and north as far as Alaska for a dogsled ride on our Golden Anniversary this past July. I’m convinced God planned her sudden good health then considering what has happened since.

I have had just over a half-century of good fortune to have been married to this woman. I am grateful even as I hunger in sadness for more.

DACC Global

Live streaming video by KamEdits

DACC Global is an alternative energy company focused on providing alternative clean, renewable energy solutions into to developing markets around the world.internationally. We aim Our goal is to pursue innovation by integrating the latest technological advances in alternative energy into sustainability solutions. We offer utility scale and specialized solar energy solutions that improve energy, transportation, communications, and security infrastructure as well as sustainable water solutions in over 25 countries. Our network of specialists bring an unparalleled combination of experience, knowledge, skill and innovation to every project.

Developed over two years ago by engineers in the United States, SolGen™ is the future of Alternative Energy production. It starts with energy from the sun and stores that energy in high-efficiency batteries. It then uses the energy in the batteries to power specialized DC motors to turn DC generators configured to produce energy in the capacities specified. Our unique The PowerQ control unit cleans the output and increases the efficiency to produce continuous and stable energy 24x7x365.

REV Graduation 2014


If you forgot to get it when it was new, that is OK. You can still purchase Redlands East Valley High School Graduation 2014 now! We will mail out your order within 2 weeks from purchase date.

Citrus Valley Graduation 2014

Citrus Valley HS

If you forgot to get it when it was new, that is OK. You can still purchase Citrus Valley High School Graduation 2014 now! We mail them out approximately 2 weeks from purchase date.

REV Graduation 2013


If you forgot to get it when it was new, that is OK. You can still purchase Redlands East Valley High School Graduation 2013 now! We will mail out your order within 2 weeks from purchase date.

Check out this short music video we made for you!

Citrus Valley Graduation 2013

Citrus Valley HS

If you forgot to get it when it was new, that is OK. You can still purchase Citrus Valley High School Graduation 2013 now! We will mail out your order within 2 weeks from purchase date.

Check out this short music video we made for you!

REV Graduation 2012


If you forgot to get it when it was new, that is OK. You can still purchase Redlands East Valley High School Graduation 2012 now! We will mail out your order within 2 weeks from purchase date.

Here is a short music video we made for you!