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Redlands City Events
“Light The Way” Redlands Christmas Parade 2016

Graduations 2016
Citrus Valley HS Graduation 2016 (June 10)
San Jacinto HS Graduation 2016 (June 9)
RHS Graduation 2016 (June 9)
REV HS Graduation 2016 (June 8)
Beaumont HS Graduation 2016 (June 2)

Stolen Moments: A Jazz Benefit for San Bernardino Cares (JAN 13, 2016)
San Bernardino Cares Concert (DEC 28, 2015) Canceled

Redlands East Valley High School Graduation 2015 (JUN 12)
Citrus Valley High School Graduation 2015 (JUN 11)
Redlands High School Graduation 2015 (JUN 10)
San Jacinto Graduation 2015 (JUN 4)
Indian Springs High School Graduation 2015 (MAY 28)
Anita Vaira Funeral (DEC 2014)

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