Crew Call 2018

Video Production Crew Call

Paid temporary part-time work needed for Graduations during 2018.

Specific dates of production are:
May 23, 31, June 6, 7, 11, 12, 13

Interview / Production Skill Test
When: May 12, 2018 @ 10 A.M. Sharp
Where: West Redlands Bowl (Grant St.), Redlands, CA
What to Wear: Dress Black Production Clothes

What is acceptable – Black long sleeve or short sleeve button down shirt w/ a collar or polo shirt, black pants or slacks, closed toe shoes (does not have to be full black)
What is not acceptable –  t-shirts, scoop tops, tank tops, see through blouses, dresses, skirts, shorts, capris, open toe shoes, logos

12 Jobs and
45 Interview Slots Available

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KamEdits is an Inland Empire video production company that specializes in multi-camera production events such as conferences, graduations, concerts and plays. We are looking for new talent and skills from local high school and college students that want to gain experience in the field of video production.

Our immediate needs are:
Production Assistants
Camera Operators
Live Video Multi-Camera Directors

We have immediate production dates coming up from May 23 thru June 13 as well as other dates throughout the year. Our goal is to have a wide and deep variety of video production professionals on my production team.

KamEdits is conducting an interview / skill test program on May 12, 2018 at the Redlands Bowl (Grant St.), in Redlands, CA 92373 at 10 A.M. sharp for those interested in trying out to be part of our team. We will be testing your skills in:

~ Production Assistant ~
Roll Cables
Follow Directions
Mindful of “Sue Me Hazards”
Tape Cables Correctly
Remove Cables Correctly
Constantly Be Ready To Follow Directions

~ Camera Operator Skills ~
Production Assistant Skills
Set-up Tripod, Camera, and Run cables
Operate Camera
Follow Directors Instructions
Stay With Camera Throughout Production

~ Live Camera Director/ Live TD/ Audio Engineer/ Video Engineer/ IT (Live Stream Tech) ~
All of the Production Assistant Skills
All of the Camera Operator Skills
& Set-up Following items:
Black Magic Production Switcher
Camera Input
Video Monitor System
Audio Input and Monitor System
Samurai Record System
Vidiu Live Stream System
Communications System
Production Camera Menu System
Troubleshoot Each System
Direct Camera Positions, Switch Camera Shots and Insert Graphics Into Video Stream
Communicate Well With Camera Operators
Manage Camera Operators/ Production Assistants/ Schedules/ and Client Satisfaction